Software Systems

Transform your project and asset completion with integrated software solutions.

Parallel was developed for governing and delivering complex and intensive projects, creating an intelligent solution for managers, employees and contractors to easily manage asset and project completion. Our comprehensive technologies tackle the everyday challenges of tracking, maintaining and reporting on project and asset conditions world wide. With an intuitive UI, fully customisable features and various systems, you can operate with peace of mind as the Parallel platforms work in harmony with your project.

Improve Workflow & Reduce Costs

Improving efficiency of Inspection Notifications and Punch Listing by more than 200% in some cases.

Completions Assurance

Eliminate the need for endless reviews by using intelligent applications which monitor assurance through each stage of the Asset’s life-cycle.

Go Wireless

With modern tablet technology available live in the field, the choice is yours to go paperless and watch in real time as your asset comes to life.

Handle completions, maintenance, shutdowns and regulatory audits with ease

  • Scalability with your business requirements.
  • Full training & competency tracking.
  • Asset tracking & history recording.
  • Completions and certification tracking.
  • Developed & customised for project needs.
  • Easy and simple to use for all business levels.
  • Privacy & Security
  • Languages:
    English, French, Russian, Spanish, Korean

Parallel Systems

Already established platforms to assist with project needs for ease of traceability, auditing and communication.

Parallel Completions

Parallel Integrity

Parallel Plant

Parallel Shut

Powerful Applications

Our Parallel platform is an integrated software solution with practical applications to assist your project delivery and operations.


Have a particular requirement – we can assist.

Create data and performance reports with ease.

Parallel works across devices to take your asset completions data to the field.

“Our mission is to become the world leader in the supply, execution and management of Asset Integrity, Completions Certification and Maintenance Management software—to suit any industrial application—anywhere in the world.”