Parallel Shut

Effectively manage your shut downs, saving time and money in the process.

Shutdown Management Software

Parallel Shut operates alongside your project to manage planned shutdowns for asset maintenance and repairs to keep you working to schedule and budget. Our expertly developed solution helps minimise downtime and maximise performance with our proven in-field experience and client-centric approach.

Robust Shutdown Management System
Keep your projects, employees and contractors operational with our enterprise-level shutdown management platform, automating work orders for day-to-day work and tracking data for your business metrics and strategic planning. Our shutdown management software comes fully equipped to optimise your shut schedule and maintenance activities.

Cost Tracking

Manage asset costs by tracking historical data and predictive information for cost management.

Work Completion

Capturing completions information for comprehensive asset management.

Materials Monitoring

Manage material usage, ordering and vendor information for shut maintenance work.

Cost Tracking
Parallel Shut delivers complete cost tracking and reporting by asset to review shut maintenance work cost to make smart decisions for future planning for procurement, scheduling and more.

Intuitive Work Completion
Monitor and control shutdown work completions with the advanced ‘Work Pack’ feature. Keep detailed asset history with documented maintenance work to easily handle your asset completions, decommissioning and more.

Materials Monitoring
Parallel Shut enables a project to monitor material usage, reporting on parts allocation,  consumables,  inventory levels, ordering and maintaining vendor information.

Advanced Preparation Functions
Using our Shutdown Simulation features, your team can simulate a real life shutdown using existing data in order to ensure the real execution will be on track.

Cross Site Processing
Parallel Plant administers data and communication to multiple locations, keeping your site projects aligned with effective cross-site processing.

Parallel Shut is designed to work alongside our CMMS platform, Parallel Plant, keeping detailed history on asset inspections, repairs and completions with information readily available. Parallel understands the dynamic nature of project teams and interactivity with facility and maintenance management, asset planners as well as maintenance staff. Our Parallel Shut system keeps all maintenance records, tasks and completions detail centrally organised and accessible at any time.

Parallel Plant offers the capability of multilingual support for global operations and international organisations. Our software currently offers English, Russian, Mandarin and Spanish languages, with more available by request.

By effectively coordinating budgets, material requirements, procurement, contractors and work completions, Parallel Shut can assist your projects to stay on time and within budget.

“Parallel software accelerates progressive certification, commissioning, and completions of assets.”