Parallel Plant

Advanced CMMS for optimised Operations & Maintenance

CMMS Maintenance Software

Parallel Plant is an advanced Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), optimised to manage all processes in the maintenance cycle of your asset. Our custom developed platform combines efficient maintenance processes with improved plant management to prolong the life of equipment and facilities, all the time saving you money.

Streamlining Asset Maintenance
By using intelligent systems, in-field experience and data, Parallel Plant executes maintenance notifications and orders based on the key factors that determine an asset’s vulnerability. Our CMMS maintenance software comes fully equipped to optimise your maintenance strategy and operational activities.

Routine Maintenance

Manage routine planned maintenance and routine tasks with customisable job cards

Preventative Maintenance

Control frequency and intensity of preventative maintenance with a custom approval hierarchy system. Ensure the results from the PM’s are put to good use

Breakdown Maintenance

Manage unforeseen maintenance, parts allocation and work with ease. PP can also be used as a predictive tool to assist you to identify weak areas and when to act upon it

Training & Competency

Monitor qualifications and skills of employees for training and development and to ensure regulatory requirements are met throughout the Asset’s life-cycle

Cross-Site Processing

Collaborate across various sites and assets with synced communication and data – allowing different assets to develop from lessons learnt

Inventory Management

Manage your warehouse with simplified inventory tracking and recurring order automation direct to the supplier

Routine Maintenance
Routine maintenance activities are handled with ease using Parallel Plant, with the secure system issuing detailed job cards to your personnel and always aligned to your maintenance schedule.

Preventative Maintenance
Parallel Plant follows your own preset preventative maintenance methods and philosophies, developing a custom approval hierarchy system for the frequency of inspections and maintenance work. Our preventative maintenance functionality incorporates notifications and tasks to defined user groups to easily manage PM and maximise your maintenance strategy.

Breakdown Maintenance
Minimising downtime is paramount. Parallel Plant allows you to manage and prioritise breakdown maintenance, creating job cards, parts assignment and labour scheduling with a few clicks to allow the real work to progress.

Training & Competency
Parallel Plant allows positive monitoring and management of skills through a simple to use interface which will ensure all regulatory compliance is maintained for the entire life-cycle of the asset and more importantly, across your entire organisation.

Cross Site Processing
Parallel Plant administers data and communication to multiple locations, keeping your different sites aligned with effective cross-site processing, which can also assist with shutdown planning.

Inventory Management
We work with you to implement a full inventory management system with our CMMS maintenance software, Parallel Plant. Our platform provides a view of live stock counts, notifications for re-ordering, shelf life tracking and full data sheets, allowing you to be proactive and at the same time delivering a real cost benefit through logical forecasting.

Users & Permissions
Parallel understands the dynamic nature of project teams and interactivity with facility and maintenance management, asset planners as well as maintenance staff. Our Parallel Plant system syncs with your business, incorporating an approval hierarchy system, custom user groups, notifications and reports by user group.

Parallel Plant offers the capability of multilingual support for global operations and international organisations. Our software currently offers English, Russian, Korean and French languages, with more available by request and constantly being developed. This will ensure there is zero miscommunication globally.

Parallel Plant is packaged with our other components, Parallel Shut and Parallel Integrity. Each of our solutions are tailored to meet a client’s’ dynamic needs and requests, with installation handled by our expert team to your current management systems, making this system ideal for greenfield projects.

Parallel Plant will be available late 2017. We are inviting expressions of interest, offering preparations and data migration demonstrations prior to release.

“Parallel software accelerates progressive certification, commissioning, and completions of assets.”