Parallel Integrity

Specialist product designed and suited directly to the hydrocarbons industry.

Hydrocarbons Project Software

Parallel Integrity is our comprehensive hydrocarbon project software with a commitment to providing the specialist industry a valuable tool to manage a safe transition into production with respect to meeting particular regulator requirements. We work with our clients side by side and from FEED to ensure they have the right structure and process in place to meet specifications and the legislative requirements with regards, but not limited to, EEHA Compliance, Valve Management, Hydrocarbon Containment (Leak testing & Joint Integrity) as well as Class and Flag requirements. This application will ensure all quality processes surrounding Performance Standards, Safety Critical Elements and Verification Activities are in place and monitored correctly from the outset, resulting in a smooth transition to first introduction of HC’s.

Assuring Safety into Production
Our team understands that safety in  transitioning between construction and operations within the hydrocarbon industry is paramount. The Parallel Integrity platform has been developed with this focus in mind, with each solution tailored to meet the specific requirements of that Asset.

The product is designed primarily to be ran as a 3rd party, independent verification tool and is generally implemented by the Client/Operations side to ensure what is being delivered from the EPC Contractor matches the requirements.

“Parallel software accelerates progressive certification, commissioning, and completions of assets.”