Parallel Completions

CCMS (Commissioning & Completions Management System)

Commissioning & Completions Software

Optimising asset management is integral to maximising an organisation’s worth. Parallel’s new-age completion certification processes along with our integrated software platforms enable us to generate high performance asset management.

We offer flexible and intelligent solutions in the execution of commissioning and completions of your asset. Our team will formalise your asset management techniques for future development on your completions certification:

  • Asset Management & Life Cycle
  • Completion Assurance, Verification & Certification
  • Verification of Readiness (VoR)
  • Flawless Start-Up Initiatives
  • Transferring Care, Custody and Control
  • Asset Compliance & Data Validation
  • Performance Standard & SCE Management
  • Flexible Delivery Modes

At Parallel, we specialise in seamless Certification & Completions

The team at Parallel connect with your project needs, operating as a third-party and integrating with a client’s team on site. We combine experienced certification, implementation & start-up engineers with our software, meaning your project will receive the most thorough validation and completions efficiency all while enhancing delivery.

Using our software, which has been built with ease of operation in mind, allows a much smoother interface with day to day activities, all while boosting the efficiency of workflow by providing real time updates and reporting.

Features include:

  • Full NOI system—increasing efficiency and allowing users to define notice periods as well as approval requirements and hierarchy—streamlining all inspections.
  • End to end Valve & PSV management—users can manage FAT, installation, test requirements,preservation and routine activities by setting the frequency of calibration as well as automatic notifications.
  • Full training & competency tracking, management and automatic notifications of renewal requirements.
  • We use layered stages of training, allowing each client to set the access/permission levels for each person based upon courses completed — safeguarding your assets. Customise your own courses & design your own project specific training modules.
  • Multi-Lingual – 5 default languages available now: English, French, Russian, Spanish & Chinese. New languages constantly being developed. Displays & Reports can be generated with multiple languages to allow easy communications during meetings and workshops.
  • Advanced Field Tablet Capabilities—allowing full control of commissioning, maintenance and operational activities whilst in the field, opening up the information where you need it and allowing real time analysis of as-built documents.
  • Improved Field Punch entry & management capabilities—no need to return to the office to clear paperwork, making the process efficient and effortless for all parties, CPY & CTR.
  • Intuitive Asset & Check Sheet Management—all assets, all datasheets, all information at your fingertips when required.
  • Complete Document Management—allowing you to track all project related documents which are used in real time in the field ensuring integrity.
  • Routine Preservation activity mapping—automatic notifications and field completion
  • Complete joint integrity & EEHA management capabilities—removing the need for additional databases and spreadsheets, ensuring you meet performance standards every time and capturing all witness and review activities.
  • Piping strength testing & leak testing management—manage all piping testing through intelligently coupling with different boundaries.
  • Advanced Hierarchial Approvals and Change Management—allows a seamless interface between parties to avoid the delays while still capturing the necessary data.
  • Interactive Dashboard and KPI reporting—design your own reports, templates & forms and set up automatic deliveries.
  • Innovative and Modern User Interface UI with different views designed for all worker levels.
  • Robust QA/QC management system allows you to master:
    • Welding Management.
    • NDE & RT Management.
    • EEHA Management.
    • Inspection Management—all disciplines.
    • Easy ID of problem areas to be refined.
  • Built in Maintenance Management capabilities—allowing you to perform routine and preventative programs and merge with ease into Parallel Plant.

“Parallel software accelerates progressive certification, commissioning, and completions of assets.”